The Company

The FreshMare group is an International Group from Venezuela with a current presence in 2 continents, and is quickly becoming a national and international benchmark in the field of fishing, production and processing of frozen seafood.

From fishing, processing and distribution allows us to guarantee the best quality of the product, key processes in our concept of service to various customers.

About Us

  • History:

Founded in 2018 in Portugal, it began as a seafood trader company. Seeing the big demand of our clients, we acquired a processing plant in Venezuela with more than 22 years of experience in the sector. FreshMare has had a spectacular development both in its commercial activity and processing, always with the same objective of developing new markets and commercial partnerships.


  • Our People:


The FreshMare Group has a great team in constant training and growth, which is one of our main assets. We have more than 45 workers in Venezuela and Portugal. We are always in constant development and attracting new talent while rewarding teamwork and personal initiative, always under the same vision and strategy


  • Quality:


At FreshMare we carry out strict quality controls on our products throughout the production chain, from origin into processing and distribution.


  • Commitment:


We care about being able to meet the expectations of our customers always in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

At FreshMare, we are in continuous improvement processes, in 2022 we will start with the renovation of the refrigeration facilities in Venezuela.

Frozen Octopus Vulgaris

Octopus Vulgaris FAO 31

Presented clean eviscerated, classified by size on block, individually packaged and labeled, with minimum Protection Glaze between 0 to 2%, the Maximum Performance on the market.

The raw octopus retains the typical appearance of fresh octopus in terms of consistency, texture, color, smell and taste.

FreshMare Lobster

Panulirus Argus FAO 31

  • Origin: Venezuela
  • Description: Frozen Whole (Antennas On)
  • Method: Nasa Caught
  • Processing Type: IQF/ IWP
  • Packing Type: Cartoon Box

Production Lines

  • Separate preparation rooms for raw and cooked shellfish.
  • Glazing line


  • Cold storage chambers at 0ºC, with ice-maker.
  • More than 2,000 m³ of storage space at -20ºC.

Preparation and Distribution

  • Facilities for quick IQF deep freezing of shellfish
  • Continuous freezing tunnels at -40ºC.



Address:  Av. Juan Bautista Arismendi, Porlamar, Edo. Nueva Esparta, sector Macho Muerto